We are mystified by the potential that Internet radio offers, and we are excited about our new line of Internet Radio tuners

XM Tuner
XM Radio

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XM Tuners of Magnum Dynalab

XM Tuners, satellite radio tuners

XM Tuners - satellite radio tuners

From a legacy in fine audio reproduction, we are excited to introduce a significant addition to our line-up of high-performance source audio products. Our new collection of XM Satellite Tuners represents an evolution for our design team here at Magnum Dynalab, combining a rich history in pure analog fundamentals with significant advances in digital rendering. Following from our R&D to develop the proprietary World Source Platform found in our MD 109, our digital-to-analog conversion technology has led to a collection of Satellite Radio products that is truly world-class.

Both of our XM Satellite Tuners feature a myriad of custom designed components, a devoted appreciation for the pure analog signal path and perhaps most importantly, the Magnum Dynalab promise of quality and future upgradeability. That is, as satellite radio evolves, we at Magnum Dynalab have ensured that all of our XM Satellite Tuners have been designed to accommodate future digital modules, making certain that as technology changes, so too will your Magnum Dynalab source audio product.


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